Caroline Kühn H.

I am currently at Bath Spa University (UK) doing my PhD in educational technology. I am looking at effective ways in which undergraduate students can engage with digital literacies through designing and developing their own digital learning environment so it becomes their workbench to craft their learning experience. Improving their digital capability to become digital fluent in academic settings.


The image is a metaphor for this ‘Space’ that students will create.

E-DynamicSpace with no frame

According to Hung and Stables (2011) ideas, the space will be transform into a ‘place‘ once the student has taken ownership of the space.


The place will be creative+experiential, personal+digital, connecting+social, motivating+emotional, open+reflective, flexible+dynamic, self-organised+knowledge manager.

I have a bit of a longer story about me and my journey as a PhD student. If you are interested you can follow this link to my previous blog which is still my tinkering tool!


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