Identifying drivers for change

Unit 1: Activity 1.1: Identifying drivers for change in HE

A more general vision of how society will evolve in 2020


This is a more specific one from which I am paying attention to the educational sector.

Some important trends and how do they impact education?

Shortly it is going to be unbundled, personalised and dynamic education will be the new normal in the classroom of the future; virtual learning, digitisation, virtual environments and augmented reality will determine what education means, who delivers it and how. Energy and the environment will be spoken around the 3Cs: connect, collaborate and coexist. Citizens together with smart devices and drone monitoring among others, will be better prepared to protect the environment but for that to happen they need to be proactive digital citizens.

I am interested in the technological driver as it is and will be the key factor of change not only in education but also in health care, governments, manufacturing, energy and environment. That means we need smart citizens that are able to understand what these smart devices are telling them and what decision need to be taken. On the other hand there is an increasing demand in HE participation, being the prediction for 2025 incredible high, 65%!! Technology is key in delivering higher education to all of them and definitely new pedagogies need to be in place.
Government is seen in 2020 not as problem solver but as a network integrator and citizens are seen as inhabitants of a much broader and organic ecosystem where the boundaries are not the one we think of now. Global citizens and proactive problem solvers.

The idea for change agents is to look for the challenges and problems in order to fit the technology into that context and provide viables solutions.

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